Article 1: Name

1. The association will be called the Priorities in Perinatal Care Association.

Article 2: Objectives

1. To promote the health and welfare of mothers and neonates.

2. To hold a yearly research conference where there is an emphasis on the incidence, diagnosis and management of common and important maternal and neonatal conditions and where methods of solving these problems are discussed.

3. To disseminate information by publishing the Proceedings of the Priorities in Perinatal Care Conferences.

4. To channel research findings to the relevant authorities so that action can be taken.

Article 3: Membership

1. Delegates to the Priorities in Perinatal Care Conference for that year will be members.

2. Members who are unable to attend the Priorities in Perinatal Care Conference for that year can retain membership by ordering and paying for the Proceedings of the conference for that year.

Article 4: Capital (finances)

1. The Association is non-profit making.

2. Any surplus gained by the Association incidentally or otherwise will be used solely for the objectives of the Association.

3. A membership fee will be included in the Priorities in Perinatal Care Conference fees.

4. The Associations debts are payable only out of its assets. All personal liability of its members is excluded.

Article 5: General Assembly

1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association will be held yearly, during the Priorities in Periantal Care Conference.

2. All members at the Conference have the right to vote and all votes carry the same weight.

3. The members will constitute the supreme authority of the Association.

4. The members at the AGM will elect members to the Executive Council from those nominated from the delegates at the AGM.

5. The members at the AGM can alter the constitution with a two-thirds majority.

Article 6: Executive Council

1. The Executive Council will consist of:

(a) Chairman

(b) Congress organiser

(c) Three delegates

2. The chairman will be elected by the Executive Council, and will serve until the next AGM.

3. The congress organiser will be appointed by members at the AGM on a 5 yearly basis. The congress organiser can be reappointed.

4. There must be at least one obstetrician, one neonatologist and one nursing professional in the Executive Council.

Article 7: Congress Organiser

1. The congress organiser will be responsible for organising the Priorities in Perinatal Care Conferences in consultation with the Executive Council.

Article 8: Technical advisory Panels

1. The Executive Council will have the power to appoint a Technical Advisory Panels to advise it on technical issues regarding priorities in perinatal care so that the objectives of the organisation can be met.

Article 9: Associated organisations

1. The Association will liaise with organisations with similar interests, such as the South African Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the South African Paediatric Association, and international organisations such as Maternal and Children International, and the Pan African Federation of Maternal and Child Health.

Article 10: Dissolution

1. A decision to dissolve the Association shall be made by the members at the AGM, and composed of at least two-thirds of the members.

2. A decision to dissolve the Association will require a two-thirds majority vote by the members present.

3. In the event of a dissolution, the members at the AGM shall appoint one or more members to effect the dissolution of the Association. They will attend to the distribution of the net assets of the Association to one or more associations of public interest that have a similar purpose to that of the Priorities in Perinatal Care Association. The assets of the Association may neither be returned to members or donors, nor be used for their benefit.

4. The members of the Association will be notified, in writing, as to the actions of the members appointed to oversee the dissolution. Adopted 9th March, 1994 at Golden Gate Reserve during the 14th Conference on Priorities in Perinatal Care in South Africa.